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Managing records outside alfresco

Question asked by rogerp on Dec 18, 2009

I'm working on an EDRMS strategy and the organisation in which I work has data (that need to be records managed) in many databases. Obviously, I don't want to turn the organisation upside down by moving all the records into whatever database we choose for Alfresco (should we choose Alfresco, that is). So I need to "record manage" only the references to that data, so as to leave the raw data where they are.

I understand that Alfresco does not store documents in the database, only references to them. Hence I assume that these references can point to other types of record as well.

I realise that this requires a SOA/ESB approach so that when a record is changed in a database somewhere a message is reliably sent to Alfresco to update its meta data about that record. And the APIs (REST/CMIS etc) can facilitate this. Presumably.

But has anyone done it? Or is the assumtion that Alfresco only sees, and record manages, what documents it actually has in its file area?