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Content Replication

Question asked by kamal1387 on Dec 2, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2011 by kamal1387
I have the following replication xml <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

    This file is not included in the application context by default.
    If you include this file, please ensure that you review the sample
    beans contained here.
   <bean id="backupContentStore"

<bean id="primaryContentStoreBackupComponent"
         depends-on="fileContentStore, backupContentStore"
      <!– content source –>
      <property name="sourceStore">
          <ref bean="fileContentStore" />
      <!– content target –>
      <property name="targetStore">
           <ref bean="backupContentStore" />
      <!– set to 'false' to perform a single pass before quitting –>
      <property name="runContinuously">
      <!– time between passes –>
      <property name="waitTime">

   <bean id="replicatingContentStore"
         class="org.alfresco.repo.content.replication.ReplicatingContentStore" >
      <!– the preferred store for reads and writes –>
      <property name="primaryStore">
         <ref bean="fileContentStore" />
      <!– example of possible secondary store configuration –>
      <property name="secondaryStores">
            <ref bean="backupContentStore" />
      <!– enable content missing from the primary store to be pulled in from the secondary stores –>
      <property name="inbound">
      <!– enable replication from the primary to the secondary stores –>
      <property name="outbound">
      <!– this is required if outbound replication is active, otherwise not –>
      <property name="transactionService">
         <ref bean="transactionComponent" />

<!– This is required for proper transactional behaviour during outbound replication –>
      <property name="retryingTransactionHelper">
         <ref bean="retryingTransactionHelper"/>
      <!– set this to force outbound replication to be asynchronous –>
      <!– Not normally used.  See class javadocs.

      <property name="outboundThreadPoolExecutor">
         <ref bean="threadPoolExecutor" />


But the D:/DATA/replication gets replicated data only after alfresco restart..
how do we schedule the replication..