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Site Creation Template

Question asked by kriton on Dec 2, 2011
I am trying to create site creation template for share (4.0b)

What I've managed so far is this: I've modified the presets.xml to include my own "Customized Site" in addition the Collaboration Site and I can initialize the Site dashboard as I wish.

My problems are when I need to initialize the folder structure with folders that include rules.

By using a rule on the sites folders that executes a javascript with this control: site.sitePreset == mypreset I can execute what I want only for when creating a site of my template and not for all templates. Thus I can initialize my folder structure, but my problem lies how I could create rules for those folders. From what I've looked there is no ruleService to help me on that. Whats the best method for me to procceed ? Any ideas ?