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Alfresco migration 224 to 311 : 4 days estimated !

Question asked by zomurn on Dec 20, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2009 by zomurn

This WE I was supposed to do the installation on the production server.
The process for the migration alfresco 224 to 311 takes too long time to execute !
The prod machine is : windows server 2008 + 30Go RAM + 4CPU Xeon 2.4GHz + on another computer : MSSQLServer 2008 + 20Go RAM + 4CPU 2.2GHz.
The number of document is poorly ~70 000.
The JVM is configured with Xmx8G and Xms5Go
The logs says when I start the application :

At 16% , about 4 days left ! (time estimated).
To reach 16% it was running from saturday 14pm to Sunday 10am … and it was only to 16% !! my god !

Have look at the pics for details :

I really need help to deliver the new version of alfresco to my customer ! I can't let the prod server stopped for days !.

Any help to how accelerate the migration process would be great !  :(