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Simple workflow

Question asked by sbudrez on Dec 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2010 by sbudrez
I have to create a workflow for some document
I have an initial space where the contents are located and two spaces where they can be moved (let's call them space A and space B)
I have tried to define a business rule applied to the initial space which creates two simple workflows: one for moving the content to the space A and one for moving it to the space B. But it doesn't work: there is only one of the two workflow option listed in the "more actions" menu

I have read that with simple workflow it's impossible to create a parallel workflow (which seems to be my case)
I have also stuided how advanced workflow works, but it doesn't fit my needs (i need to move the files from a space to another)

Is there any solution for creating two "approval actions" which move the content in two different destination spaces?