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alfresco admin access to sites in 3.2

Question asked by edwin_s on Sep 1, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2009 by doiheartwentyone

I'm using Alfresco Share 3.2, and I want to be able to add/invite users using an administrator account since there are times when site managers either do not have the time or it is just more convenient to be able to add users outright.  However, I just realized that if the "admin" account (in the Share) has not initially had access, then I can only join the account as a consumer!!!

The primary question is: How do I go about configuring Alfresco Share to give the admin account full access to any share site without having to join or request invite? for any of the sites?

I think this is a critical issue since the admin users should be able to manage and control sites regardless of who created the site (in the extreme but sometimes necessary case).