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How to get image from Alfresco to jsp page

Question asked by dhananjay on Sep 1, 2009
I will give brief description about the my problem.
               I want to use an image in my jsp page which should come from Alfresco so that I can change the image as and when required without changing my code.I want to use alfresco 3.2 community edition to store images and use that images in my portlet which running in liferay.

I have done following exercise to communicate to Alfresco but it didn’t worked out

1.   Tried to install Alfresco war Glassfish App server on which liferay is running—Not able to deploy
2.   Tried to use Alfresco Web service- Most of the wsdl with error , getting errors while generating Classes from wsdl
3.   AWPr using web script—No proper  details has been provided

If you know how to fetch an image or Doc  from Alfresco .Please  send the details step to execute this task

Many Thanks