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Messages in Java-backed web script

Question asked by nilsw on Dec 22, 2009
I would like to access the messages in <script>.<method>_<locale>.properties from a Java-backed web script. Is that possible? I have tried using MessageService.getMessage() but that didn't work. The web script declaration looks like this:

  <description>Document List Action - Order print</description>
  <format default="json">argument</format>

in the same directory I have properties files and with the messages I want to use in the Java code.

Spring config:

   <!–  Java-backed Web Script: order print –>
   <bean id=""
      <property name="siteService" ref="SiteService"/>
      <property name="nodeService" ref="nodeService"/>
      <property name="fileFolderService" ref="fileFolderService"/>
      <property name="authenticationService" ref="AuthenticationService" />
      <property name="contentService" ref="ContentService"/>
      <property name="messageService" ref="messageService"/>
      <property name="personService" ref="personService" />