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Folder appear empty when one document is opened in webdav

Question asked by tamarix on Dec 6, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by tamarix

I observed a strange behavior (bug? Configuration problem ?)

* In the Document Library, I have a folder XXX with several documents in it. I can see this folder and its documents in the share interface
* I set-up a sharepoint access in my windows environment. The folder XXX and its content can also be browsed in my File Explorer within MSWindows
* I open one of the document, let say a MSWord document, from the File Explorer
* I can work on the document, save it with no problem BUT as long as this document remains open, the folder XXX appears to be empty in the web Share interface (not in the webdav folder)
* As soon as the document is closed, the content of folder XXX become visible again

Any idea ?

Many thanks,