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Permissions: Enabling Edit without allowing Save Locally

Question asked by petershine on Dec 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2010 by petershine
I am a developer looking for a solution to customize permissions for a role, possibly make a new role.

Usually, Alfresco provides 5 different user roles with different permission for READ, EDIT, ADD, DELETE

In case of using a network drive access through CIFS (or WebDAV), I would like to allow a Contributor to Edit a document locally,
but not to save it outside of the network folder. In other words, you can work on the document, but cannot make another copy of it to be saved elsewhere.

Explaning a specific case in more detail, if an user is assigned to edit a document, he or she will use Microsoft Add-In to access the network folder and open the file. After finishing editing, the editor will save it only at the original folder, not other places by making a copy.

I am looking for a way to configure without touching much of the source. It's preferred to be able to simply fix .properties files or something meant to be configured.