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Assign Workflow on Share: Support for Goups

Question asked by joaotpd on Dec 23, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2010 by mikeh
Hi all!!

I'm trying to create the possibility to find/select/add a group to the people selected box on the Assign Workflow Dialog. To do this I'm trying to understand the file workflow.js located on share/modules/documentlibrary/workflow.js.
So far I understand that I need to load the Group Finder Component from the server, like the People Finder Component, right?… in method onTemplateLoaded, right?… What is the best way to do this?! … … then, when search is preformed, I want that to obtain groups to… I have to define new DataTable Cell Renderers and DataTable column definitions for Groups… right? … then, how I obtain a mix of users/groups in Select Assignee box?!… … Is this possible??? … Anyone?? …
Thaks a lot!!