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caching gone wrong - PageNotFoundException

Question asked by sam1980 on Dec 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2012 by bremmington

I'm experiencing strange behavior for page lookups in my wcmqs-based web site. The first thing I've noticed is that content may be available by multiple variations of its given id. I.E a content element  created on root with the id "test" is accessible on the website by the path /test (as expected), but can also be accessed by the url /testa, /testar, /teste and so on.

The second, and more serious issue, is that content previously available by an url all of a sudden starts to respond with 404 (as a PageNotFoundException is thrown). Trying to resolve the content item's in other parts of the site (as in related content listings) it actually resolves to the non-working url.

If I try to change the id, the content becomes accessible on the new url. But in listings it still resolved to the old url.

Is there a way to flush the cache to see if this might play a part in this behavior?

Grateful for any feedback on this matter.