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MediaWiki Integration - Are there two different approaches

Question asked by jaybytez on Sep 2, 2009
I have been successfully getting Alfresco up and running and integrated into my Lotus Notes/Office Suite, etc.

Now I want to prove the integration benefits of using Alfresco DM/WCM with mediaWiki (which is our default wiki).

I understand according to the forums that the MediaWiki integration doesn't work in the latest version of the Labs (which is what I am using).

What I am confused about is the two different wiki pages that talk about MediaWiki Integration:

One (the Amp installation) appears to talk about integrating mediawiki into the deployable Alfresco war and run it on the same JVM, where the other install looks like it is more about just hooking up MediaWiki to be able to publish wiki documents into Alfresco.

So are these two different approaches?  If so, are both broken?

And in my case, I don't want to run MediaWiki within Alfresco (especially if my Alfresco is an Enterprise system being used as a repository for multiple needs), I want MediaWiki to run standalone but be able to not only publish to the Alfresco Repository, but really I want more of the capability of having Repository access to documents I have in Alfresco (like pdfs).

If the integration approaches are different, do either of them do that type of MediaWiki integration?