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Alfresco Community support

Question asked by tsirkin on Dec 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by resplin
After reading/crawling the forums for some time now ,i have got an impression that Alfresco Engineers
don't have the time to answer questions on this forum.
Now ,this is perfectly fine even for OS company to support only the closed/supported version
and i do not have an intent to insult them in this post.

However before installing the Community version it is important to understand that "no support" in the context
of this product does really mean "no support" .That is : even simple questions are mostly
answered ,if at all , by community and many question goes unanswered.
Now ,as an old user and (rare) contributor to OS projects i understand that developing on top or even using a product
without it's developers is not a good idea.
For me as a user this basically makes open source of this product meaningless - there is no way i can
really get *into* the product without a support of the developer . Again ,no insult intended , i just want to
understand the model of the product before deciding if i should invest into it.

Now, about the Enterprise version.
It seems that there are plenty of bugs in it. Evaluating it gives some problems .
So ,for sure there is going to be a need in support/fixes but forums are out of question if we are
talking about evaluation ,right?
The question is : Is the Enterprise support good enough,how do i know before I invest in the product that it is
really responsive ?
Again this is a must requirement because unfortunately it seems that the community is not there.

Am I right?
Maybe my impression was wrong and there is a big ,active community here?
Maybe somebody who have the Enterprise Edition could share his/here experience with us?
Any other related comments?