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Download tip!

Question asked by sakkaje on Dec 11, 2011
You might have trouble like me to download Alfresco so i will share how i successfully got the 500 Mb bin file on my computer.

The normal download from a browser does not work for me. The download is too slow and gets interrupted somewhere between 1 and 100 Mb and you have to start again. For version 3.4 i used a server in Germany. I downloaded it first on that server and then i downloaded it to my computer. The trick is to have a server that has a decent connection to your country. I happen to have that but maybe you don't have server's hanging around in Europe or the US. So now i wanted to download version 4 and I have found a quite simple solution to do so.

The solution i have found now is: i have installed Oracle's Virtualbox on my computer and installed a half year trial version of Windows 7 as a virtual guest OS in Virtualbox. On Win7 i have installed a download manager. The manager can resume on failed downloads and it can create several connections to Alfresco so i can even get a decent 10 - 20 kB/s download speed!

You might wonder, why so complicated? You can of course download all the components, like Tomcat and Postgresql at a convenient 400 kB/s and then only get the smaller .war from Alfresco at snail speed. I tried that, but in the large .bin file there is some undocumented magic going on. So, as long as my knowledge depends on documentation i will fail there.