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A couple of questions about sites, search and wiki pages

Question asked by benjaminb on Sep 3, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2009 by mtomy
Hi, i am new to Alfresco and i am currently checking if Alfresco Share could be a suitable solution for knowledge management and collaboration. The most interesting parts of Alfresco Share seem to be the Document Library and the Wiki pages structured by sites. This system seems to fit perfectly for my needs, but there are a couple of things i just don't know :/

I am wondering if and how the following things can be done with Alfresco Share:

1. By default any user can create sites. Is it possible to restrict this? Only a specific user should have the right to create sites.
2. Is it possible to link documents of the Document Library on Wiki pages like attachments (similar to the "Insert Image Library"-function)?
3. Is there a way to use some kind of advanced search in Share just like the search in Explorer?
4. Is it possible to sort the search results (alphabetically, by date, by user)?
5. Is it possible to restrict the rights of site managers so that they can't customize the site (add/remove pages)?
6. How can i change the default layout (layout, order of dashlets) of a new site? Which files do i have to change?
7. Is there a way to change the default wiki page content and layout for new wiki pages? Some kind of patterns or templates…
8. Can i add some kind of a rating to the meta data of documents (are there maybe addons or sth. similar providing this function)
9. What about reporting? Are there some statistics i could use to create reports (most viewed documents, most active users, number of users…)?