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Alfresco Expl and Solr russian word searching

Question asked by vladislavlysov on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2012 by andy
  I have a trouble with differences between Alfresco Explorer search and Solr search.I'm use Alfresco 4.0b and Solr integrated it. When i create new content or folder with Russian letters name(for example-"Новая папка") and then i was searchit from alfresco - all is ok. But when i was search with solrt request(for example ?q=@cm:name:*Новая папка*) Solr nothing found. When i was added "URIEncoding='UTF-8' " on tomcat "server.xml" in Solr connector(not Tomcat, Solr - it's important!) and do new search - all is ok. Why?
Thank you.