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Multideveloper Alfresco development environment

Question asked by dmakovey on Sep 4, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2009 by gronfelt

we're facing an interesting challenge, some of out developers do not want to use their desktop for development, so they request their "personal" Alfresco instance. Is there any standardized approach to this?

For example when dealing with PHP apps - it's easy - we configure apache to allow "user home" directories and developers drop code in various sub-directories of their $HOME which then renders easily under

however I am not entirely convinced I can do something like this with Alfresco - no pointers from web searching kind of make me worried.

Is it viable to deploy several alfresco code instances on machine (different directories), configure tomcat's context to use them as /alf-devel1 and /alf-devel2, … etc. ?

Hints, ideas, shared experience?