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get a document from Alfresco

Question asked by luisg on Sep 4, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2009 by luisg
Hi all.

I developed a web service with 4 transactions:
1 - create space in Alfresco;
2 - upload document to alfresco;
3 - get document properties and content;
4 - erase a document.

All the transactions work well. But I noticed a odd behavior. If I upload a document to Alfresco (with transaction 2) and, after that I try to get the document properties and content (transaction 3) or erase the document (transaction 4) it will not work! But if I wait almost a minute and try again, works fine.
Is this a normal behavior? Seems to me that I need to do an update to alfresco repository.
Any of you have / had the same problem) how can I solve this?

someone can help me? :|