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custom metadata extractor in share and invoke it via rule

Question asked by mitpatoliya on Dec 14, 2011
Hi All,
Here is what I wanted to do.
In share there is OOB rule called extract common metadata.As when common metadata gets extracted we can use the free text search of share to search the document based on that.
Ex. Description of one of my doc is "descTest". If I extract it via rule then in search field if I type "descTest" that document will appear in search result.
Now same way I wanted to include the custom properties in the search.So, my idea is to create the custom metadataextractor in the share which could extract my custom properties.
and I will attach it with rule on share so I will be able to search directly based on property value.
I don't require to open up Advance search dialog.
Does it make sense?
Any other suggestion? Or is there any one who has created metadata extractor for share?