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Local Versions of Files; Sync'd to Online

Question asked by jeebar on Sep 4, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2009 by stevereiner
I'm brand new to the world of ECM ,and am sorry if I've missed an easy answer
while searching the forum and watching a tutorial or two, but here goes.

I need to deploy a repository of documents for my field organization – a team of two dozen including salesreps and systems architects/engineers.
I need them to be able to have versions of some of those documents on their local system so they can search/use them while offline, i.e. on planes or on-site at a client.

Is it possible with Alfresco to have a local version of a file automatically (or manually/periodically) sync'd to its online equivalent/source? If not, do you have a recommendation as to what I should be looking at instead?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and/or patience with my inconceivable ignorance.

- Greg