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Question asked by jlabuelo on Dec 14, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by jlabuelo
Good afternoon all

We are using Alfresco 3.0 Comm installed in a server. However now we need to upload pdf files from local folders in user machines to a specific space in the Alfresco Repository. We have tried to do this by configuring and using the FTP feature, and worked fine with FTP Clients programs like Filezilla Client. If you run them from each user machine gets connected to the Alfresco Space and uploads the document from the local disc.

However we need this to be done automatically every night at 01:00 AM and delete the local files once they are uploaded into Alfresco, so we have thought to use a FTP Syncrhonizer sofware to do this…. the configuration is the same than with the manual FTP Filezilla client, ip address, port, login and password, active connection…. but we are not able to get this kind of programs to connect to Alfresco using FTP protocol and to upload the files.

We have used GoodSync, xStarter, FTP Synchronizer… and all of them have crashed saying that they can not list the remote folder… As I said it is strange as the FTP configuration is the same

Did any of you got to upload documents into alfresco repository automatically scheduling a period? could you please point me how to do it and what to use?

Any ideas about what we are doing wrong?.

Thanks a lot!!!