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Form Fitlers or Behaviour in a Datalist

Question asked by acurs on Dec 14, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2011 by acurs
I have defined a custom datalist where I have some fields that I want to get calculated from the others.
i.e. I have a duration (in days - int value) field that's get calculated with the startdate and duedate fields.

In order to do that I tried to use a form filter like they mention in this post, it is pretty much the same I am needing

The datalist have many properties (36 properties), many are going to be updated directly through the datalist page and for the others I am trying to figure out how to update some values from a custom workflow.

What would you recommend me, a form filter or a behaviour approach in order to get automatic updates on certain fields?
I am using Share as the repository client, there been some changes in the JAVA Api of the AbstractFilter class, I am using 3.4d