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[solved] multipart file upload with java backed webscript

Question asked by mccarthymp on Jan 4, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2010 by mccarthymp
I have a java backed webscript that I am trying to use to upload a file into the Alfresco repository.  I can successfully see the uploaded file using a js controller and the formdata object.
for each (field in formdata.fields) {
    if( == "file" && field.isFile) {

I attempted to create a FormData object inside my java backed web script but there are never any contents…
        if (req instanceof WebScriptServletRequest) {
            final WebScriptServletRequest webScriptServletRequest = (WebScriptServletRequest) req;
            final HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest = webScriptServletRequest
            final FormData formData = new FormData(httpServletRequest);

            //Get your files from formData because it is public by the patch:
            FormData.FormField[] fields = formData.getFields();
            logger.debug("is multipart? "+formData.getIsMultiPart());
            for(FormData.FormField field : fields) {
                logger.debug("field.getName(): "+field.getName());
                if(field.getName().equals("file")) {
                    String filename = field.getFilename();
                    Content content = field.getContent();
                    String mimetype = field.getMimetype();
                    logger.debug("filename: "+filename);
                    logger.debug("content: "+content);
                    logger.debug("mimetype: "+mimetype);

Can anyone verify if you can upload multipart files using a java backed webscript and if so, any guidance would be appreciated.