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Alfresco 3.2 and Liferay 5.3 observations and help

Question asked by pmminov on Jan 5, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2010 by dward
Hi everyone,

I wanted to write this post about my findings to help anyone who knows as little as me of Alfresco and Liferay and also asking for help in a few things that I can not make work

I started installing Alfresco from the community full installer, mainly to know how it works, then I deployed Alfresco war along with Liferay for doing SSO and running just 1 server in the future, all that was needed was to tell the file to point to the same alf_data folder from the full installer otherwise it won't start saying theres an error related with indexes

Doing this I can use Alfresco inside and outside of Liferay whenever I want

1.- However, when i use the Alfresco inside tomcat the console says that ImageMagick and pdf2swf couldn't be found causing on alfresco the i icon next files and spaces not to work as meant to. I assume those don't come with the alfresco.war, how I include them?

Something else to be considered is that (maybe it was the Liferay checkout I used) the Alfresco css are the last on the list of css files… that in css terms means that what is writen on those files is the final design to be applied, so as soon as the portlet was dropped the whole page absorbed things like font and body, erasing the css folder in Alfresco solved this and made Alfresco look like 1 of my portlets

2.- What was next was SSO, that was when I found an article saying that since it is a JSR-186 portlet it share the same user that is logged in Liferay as long as in both of them exist accounts with the same name and pw like bob/bob but THAT IS NOT WORKING, what I have to do to make it work or I have to use an external solution like CAS?

3.- Finally in both of them CIFS doesn't work, i was reading the documentation and it mention something about subsystems, but I couldn't understand if Alfresco includes a CIFS server or the capability to be one, meaning I need a CIFS server or client. The idea of making CIFS work is that portlets like Wiki or the message boards could attach things right into CIFS

Oh, and theres a bug in mozilla that adds 2 // more to the url, so clicking makes nothing, but in IE it works (well, it says the path couldn't be found in my case)

I have found topics of this subjects mentioned everywhere, most without a solution but that should be worth writting a manual with an standard way to proceed

Hope someone liked this post and hope I get some help on my 3 problems, thanks