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Document lifecycle in Records Management

Question asked by odin on Jan 5, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2010 by zaizi
Hi there,

I have a question about how Alfresco Records Management is meant to be used.

We are developing a solution based on Alfresco Records management.
In this application users must be able to create, change, process and register documents.

The initial aproach we chose was as follows:
1. Users create, change and process documents using some custom Share site (other than RM)
2. Users register documents copying documents from that site to Records Management site
3. Users store and dispose registered documents in Records Management site.

As fas as I understand that is how Alfresco is meant to be used (I've seen something like this in one of Alfresco webinars).

But now we have several problems with that model. For instance:
A. Users prefer to create/modify documents directly under series/categories/folders
B. RM series/categories/folders will have some properties that users want to know at the moment of documents creation.
C. User may want to modify "Undeclared" documents
D. Etc etc etc

So we are now deciding about adopting another approach:
We will add documents creation/modification/processing (workflows) functionality back to Records Management, so that Records Management would be an only Share site that users will need to work with their documents.

What do you think, can we use (extend) Records Management that way?

Thanks in advance,