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MTOM integration

Question asked by flefoll on Sep 7, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2009 by flefoll

Here is my issue,
I need to plug Alfresco storage mechanism (inbound/update triggers) with a messaging system (which may have his own process lifecycle, and will change Alfresco node aspect remotely and asynchronously…).

Here is my dilemma,

I didn't found an easy way to create a .js script to do external calls (ideally RESTs…),
in order to simply advise inbound/update events to a third system, and handling the processes externally.

Is it possible to do it by Javascript ??
On example of Web Script Backed by Java classes, the backed classes are used by a webscript, not by a javascript (as it is executed on inbound/outbound/update trigger). Is it possible to use the same logic/dev on javascript level ?

Do somebody have an example/link of the code I need to produce ?

Thanks in advance for your inputs,