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Problem with Access Control Web Service

Question asked by madez on Sep 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by vinnie_cc

I develop Alfresco with C#.NET using Web Service to access to API of Alfresco.
In my .NET Project(I develop with Visual Studio 2008), I have add Web Reference to each Web Service(a reference to each of Web Service of Alfresco) but I have this error only with AccessControl Web Service(I use the last version of Alfresco, Alfresco Community 3.2).

Custom tool error: Unable to import WebService/Schema. Unable to import binding 'AccessControlServiceSoapBinding' from namespace ''. The operation 'getAllAuthorities' on portType 'AccessControlServiceSoapPort' from namespace '' had the following syntax error:  The operation has no matching binding. Check if the operation, input and output names in the Binding section match with the corresponding names in the PortType section.

Have anybody see this error?
Have anybody some ideas about resolve this error?