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Alfresco (via webservice) and PayPal NVP API conflict

Question asked by igorroyzis on Sep 8, 2009
I was wondering if anyone here experienced or is familiar with this problem.

I am using Alfresco community edition for retrieving certain content via web service from my JBoss application. Everything works fine on the Alfresco side. I am getting my content, no problems. But, as soon as I make the first (after bouncing the server) web service request to Alfresco all my PayPal transactions start failing with " Received fatal alert: bad_record_mac" exception.

If at this point I bounce my JBoss app server, PayPal transactions start working again. As soon as I make first web service call to Alfresco, all my PayPal transactions start failing again. This is very consistent, so there is definitely some kind of conflict. PayPal couldn't help me. They claim it's not there problem. My guess is it is not Alfresco's problem either, but if anyone out there can help that would be awesome.