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Question about workflow: Copy file to new folder

Question asked by strecki on Dec 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2012 by strecki
I'd like to have a workflow, that when a certain file is uploaded:

1. Converts that file to a PDF
2. Checks if the original folder of the file already exists
2.1 If yes, copy the PDF to the folder
2.3 If no, create the folder and then copy

For example: /folder1/testfile.doc is uploaded

Then the script should check for /folder1/, create it, if necessary, and copy the converted file to
e.g /companyhome/folder1/testfile.pdf

Is it possible to get the original folder structure from the uploaded file (on which then the rule is used), because when the file is already in Alfresco, it it not possible.

A script, which creates a previously specified folder is easily written, but not a dynamic folder.

Any help is much appreciated.

&EDIT: I'm now using part of the filename as a new folder, that works and no more help is needed.