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Question asked by ivo.costa on Sep 9, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2009 by ivo.costa

I'm looking for a way of using a custom Category (Name(code), Summary, Description) for classifying documents.
this is used to set 2 classification properties on a document.

Right now I think that I'd have to make 2 extentions to cm:category so I can manage to set 2 diferent "tables"
but I'm not sure if this is the best approach to this problem. I've read somewhere that I wouldn't be hable to create/edit these new categories. Also I'd have to create component generators to manage the properties on the documents since the standard generator for type d:category does not allow searches

I need some hints on how to implement this

a small example, so you can understand what I'm looking at:

a document of type "request" can have a classification
1 - Help request
2 - permission request
3 - vacation request
4 - meeting request

so we'd have a request type code…

in the real case this would be a list of more than 1000 codes that could be applied to a document.
I know that I could use a constraint, but the list constraint is much too simple and it doesn't allow to do searches on the list.

Now that I think of it… is it possible to create a constraint type???

Any ideias on how to deal with this problem will be appreciated

Thank you
Ivo Costa