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Custom regions in webquick start

Question asked by abbeydom on Dec 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2012 by abbeydom
Newbie to freemarker/webscript.I would like to specify custom regions within a custom template. The regions are marked with custom_region1 and custom_region2 as below. Is there a list of default regions to pick from within webquick start or I would have to do some webscripting to create addtional regions such as middle-left or middle-right?

<#include "/common/page.ftl"/>

<div id="left">
<@region id="left1" scope="page"/>
<@region id="left2" scope="page"/>

<div class="h-box-1">
<@region id="bottom-left" scope="page"/>
<div class="h-box-2">
<@region id="custom_region1" scope="page"/>

<div class="h-box-3">
<@region id="custom_region2" scope="page"/>
<div class="h-box-4">
<@region id="bottom-right" scope="page"/>


<div id="right">
<@region id="right1" scope="page"/>
<@region id="right2" scope="page"/>

Thanks for your help.