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CIFS shares (from Linux) no permissions for user

Question asked by andyhorton on Dec 21, 2011
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Alfresco is up and running. Lovely. The CIFS server seems to be up and running also. I can mount the shares from my Linux (Fedora) machine and browse the "filesystem". Unfortunately, although I am logged in as the owner of the site, I am not able to create folders or files (or delete or edit). No write access basically. When I look at the perms on the mounted folders, I can see that the folders and files are all owned by roor/root with 755 or 44 respectively. They are owned by root, and everyone else is read only.

I used the -o user=andrew,rw option on mount. I have told them I am the Site owner (and submitted the password) and have specified read and write access.

So, how should one mount an Alfresco CIFS share to be able to read and write?