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Adding a data list model

Question asked by renahan on Dec 21, 2011
Hello Everyone!

I'm trying to add a data list model (uploading to repository/data dictionary/models).

When making the xml active all seems to go well as I'm not getting any compiling errors, but in my cat log i'm getting this:

11:55:56,273 User:System ERROR [repo.dictionary.DictionaryRepositoryBootstrap] Failed to create model (due to EmptyContentReader): workspace://SpacesStore/5db5093c-2465-48c0-b516-50de52d67a30

My model was working just fine, then I edited it, and when trying to create a new data list my model wasn't there. The snippet I edited was just commenting out the parent type that was left over from the xml sample file I used to get started. I have commented it out before with no problems so I don't think that snippet is the true culprit. Like I said, my xml file work just fine. I restarted my server and now it won't load.

Any help would be much appreciated!