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Spotty ability to preview documents after data restore

Question asked by srtjase on Dec 22, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2011 by srtjase
Before turning my Alfresco install loose with with the users, I wanted to get the backup/restore process nailed down with version 4b.

For the most part it went well. My backup files were created within seconds of each other, so as you would expect the were no major issue with the restore process.

My only issue is that I can not preview all of the files in the system. On some sites I can see some previews and on others I can't see any previews. With a browser, this isn't a horrible issue since I can still download documents. On my mobile devices - iPad and iPhone, this prevents me from opening those documents all together.

I can easily re-enter my beginning documents since we've just been testing, but I don't want to have gigs of documents out there until I figure this out.

Has anyone had any similar experiences, or have any suggestions?