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Alfresco Old Content Archiving

Question asked by unknown-user on Dec 22, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2011 by unknown-user

We have a requirement where any content that is not being used in the past 6 months need to be moved to an Archive Repository (another Alfresco instance). We have a huge repository with close to 2 million docs and do not want to keep any docs thats not being used for 6 months for performance reasons. The content could be PDF, Doc, Images etc.

Few options that are being considered -

a) RM Module in Alfresco - Can we achieve this through RM? Can we create a File Plan that will transfer the older content to another Repository? Our Archive Alfresco Repository is an older version than the live version. Can RM transfer content to a repository with different version?

b) Transfer Service - Run some scheduled job to identify the content that is not being used and then use the Transfer service to transfer them to an archive repository. Does the Transfer Service work with different versions of Alfresco?

c) Content Store Selector - Use the content store selector feature to move the old content to a different storage. But through this, we'll be able to archive only the content and not the metadata.

One of the challenges here is the version conflict of the repositories. Is there any other way we can achieve this?