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WARN. Unread ** bytes of record ***

Question asked by riegerrobin on Jan 9, 2010

I have alfresco 3.2 installed

I have 2 pcs, one running windows XP SP3 and the other running Windows 7

I have setup CIFS on alfresco.

The problem is that every, about 15min, the server gives the following warning

"WARN. Unread 10 bytes of record 0x6"

The number of bytes is always different and so is the record (like just seems to go through all of them).

This seems to be occuring only when i connect to the CIFS with the XP machine…

I have searched the forums but found nothing directly on this point. It has appeared in some logs from others but this was never directly the problem/question (as far as i can tell)


1) Is this something i should be worried about? Like will i loose data etc…. i mean there is no error, just 'warn'….
2) Is there a way to stop this from happening/a fix….

Thanks in advance,