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Accessing CIFS share from remote machines

Question asked by kilucas on Jan 9, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2011 by agey
I have a vanilla installation of community edition 3 (apart from using a non-standard ftp port) on a WinXP pro box. All modes of file access (http, webdav, ftp) that I've tried work fine except for CIFS.

I can access the alfresco and AVM shares from Windows Explorer on the server itself via \\<servername>A. But this server name isn't seen by any other PCs, some of which are on the same subnet and others are not but they can reach the server and its normal Windows shares at \\<servername> by using LMHOSTS entries.

I can telnet into ports 139 and 445 from both types of remote machine.

Netstat - b - n tells me that both ports are occupied by PID 4 which is System. I got the impression from some posts that the process should be something to do with Alfresco instead but I'm not clear how I'd change that.

As I understand it I don't need to worry about privilged ports because I'm on Windows. So I've not mapped ports 137, 138, 139 or 445 anywhere else and haven't mapped anything else to them.

If I use windows explorer to access \\<IP address of servername> I see the shares associated with \\<servername> and not \\<servername>A.

Can anyone spot what I need to do to obtain windows CIFS access to the Alfresco server please, remembering that it's not dedicated to Alfresco and hence I must be careful not to change anything that would disturb normal Windows operation including Windows access to \\<servername> shares?

And can I ask what I will need to do in an LMHOSTS file to reach \\<servernameA> please because I presume that <servername>A effectively runs on the same IP address as <servername> and I didn't think I could have two entries in LMHOSTS for a single IP address.

Many thanks for any clues you might have.