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Getting knowledge of alfresco source & config  files.

Question asked by dynamolalit on Jan 10, 2010

I want to know is there any link or site or any document where i can find that what exactly a particular alfresco class or bean or config file does.It arises as i was struggling for some workflow so that after submitting it, user need not to go to "my task to do " panel to complete the task, it should automatically goes into "my completed task" list & content is editable after submitting. I tried many things but at last somehow i got to know that <action class="" /> is the thing i need to place in my task node from <task-node name="submitted"> from <task-node name="initialise" >.
                             But point here is i was suspecting it but not sure about it, also i can not test various P&C & somebody helped me out but that ate up lot of time & my system is about to go in production so these delays kill crucial time. i knew there is something which is there in these action classes but i did not know what exactly i need to do.So can anybody please help me out with where can i get some details which states that what exactly this particular class does. :?:
                         I have alfresco source with me but that is also not that much helpful.Any idea from anybody please. :idea: