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Webform reacts very slow - maybe a solution

Question asked by steffenk on Sep 10, 2009

we experience some problems with our webforms. Clicking the plus-icon '+' to repeat or create a element tooks at least 4 seconds. If the form grows (by adding/repeating more elements) the rendertime can take up to 30seconds!
The Taskmanager tells that the Browser (Firefox or IE) consumpts 1 complete CPU core when rendering the AJAX-Response, triggered by XFormsBean.fireAction.

It looks like fireAction() builds the whole xforms/component tree from the eventLog and returns this to the client. This response contains at least 1200 lines!

Possible solution:
I was thinking of just returning those elements (<chiba-id-generated> in particular) that have really changed. Those elements have corresponding nodes like xforms-insert, chiba-index-changed, chiba-state-changed and so on.
Though the Repsonse has now shrinked, there is an javascript error, telling unable to find node C61-content.

My Question: Is this behaviour (clicking the + icon takes seconds to render) known to anyone? Could my solution be a way to fix this? Has anyone been this road down before?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

- Steffen