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Opinions about 2 Web Services opctions

Question asked by yahiko on Sep 10, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2009 by yahiko

We are planning to integrate Alfresco with one of our apps. The way to do the integration is using the Alfresco Web Services API. Currently we our discusing which of this alternatives is better:

A- Current app adding a Java class to do the work using the WebServices. The distribution being: current app + Java class in local PCs and a server with the Alfresco installation.
B- Current app adding a Java class just to call a personalized WebServices which use the Alfresco WebServices to do the work. So: current app + Java class in one machine, our Java Web Services in one server and the posibility of Alfresco in other server.

Personaly, i think the A option seems the better, but as nobody here has experience working with Alfresco, i ask if there are points working with Alfresco that makes B option a better option.

Thanks in advance!!!