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Open Search in properties?

Question asked by nreau on Sep 10, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2010 by tbee

According to what I read in wiki, with OpenSearch you can only search in name and content of a document.
So I guess you can't search in properties (like description, author fields) with OpenSearch by default for now?

Is it impossible? or is there a way to extend some config files to allow searching in the properties via OpenSearch?

I found the Alfresco Keyword Search and it looked simple to use, but If i can't search into properties it is not very useful when your main content are pictures and that you describe them by some meta-data… :)

(The ultimate goal being to search in the Alfresco content from a remote website, using Alfresco search abilities)

Many thanks in advance for any clarification, example, advice anyone could give !