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Need advice on how to approch Web CMS senario

Question asked by pickles on Sep 10, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2009 by braddmark
I'm evaluating Alfresco for a possible project I'm working on.  Here’s the scenario I’m trying to cover:

The company homepage consists of 1 large image, some text, and 3 smaller images. Each of those small images link out to somewhere else.  So how can users manage this in Alfresco?  Can I make a web form they fill out where they can enter this content?  Can the web form select from images that are in the Alfresco web project space? Can they upload the image directly into the web form?  Should I use a web form at all? I know typically this would be done by simply uploading new images and changing the links in the HTML file but the people editing this content are not HTML developers.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.