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outbound email user

Question asked by bertelu on Jan 11, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2010 by bertelu
Hi folks, can someone help me.
i've configured mail notification and configured the with all the parameter of smtp server/user.

# Outbound Email Configuration

the idea is to use my personal account as default user to send notification of document creation
if i'm logging in alfresco explorer as admin (in the profile the email address is the same specified in mail.from.default) everything works well
but if i'm logging with an other user (that have a different email address) Tomcat say that the client can't post messages.
is not a matter of privileges, because if i'm assigning the same email address ( to the other user, he can send notificatin email.
so seems that the "mail from" that alfresco is using is not the one specified into the properties file, but is using the "user profile" one.

do i miss somenthing or is a bug of the application?