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EH Cache Cluster/Content Store Replication

Question asked by nmeneses on Jan 11, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2010 by binu

We are currently trying to deploy Alfresco 3.2 (Community Edition) over Ubuntu Server 8.0.4. When trying to run the EH Cache Cluster, however, we run into problems. Are there any instructions, or a manual, provided for doing EH Cache Cluster for this version? It's worth noting that version 2.1 does not work. Also, are there any instructions for implementing Content Store Replication for 3.2? Furthermore, we have followed the documentation examples of content store replication from onlie. They seem to work with the exception that it only creates the folders…no data is actually created. As a result, replication cannot be done. Any assistance with this would be duly appreciated.