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Change permission document to group

Question asked by falcon on Sep 11, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2009 by sgomez
I have a problem and I need help, please.

I have configured several users and groups in Alfresco. when a user can create a document i give permission to the group of this user for every people who belong to the group can modify or see.
After, this user, or other user of the same group, can sign the document and change the permission to another group, loosing all his permision and old group permissions to read and write.

When I try to change the permissions of one group to another i have a exception in transacction for permissions problems. I´m executing the code as Admin, but not solve the problem.

the code:

//executed as admin
webScriptHelper.getServices().getPermissionService().setPermission(parentDirectory, "GROUP_" + groupNew, "Collaboration", true);
webScriptHelper.getServices().getPermissionService().setPermission(parentDirectory, "GROUP_" + groupOld, "Collaboration", false);

Thanks for your replies