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email notification problems

Question asked by volasolo on Sep 11, 2009
I have a problem when I send an email with a content rule. I created a content rule on a space.
This rule must execute when a space (based on a template) is created within a parent space, but  does not work.
If I replace the condition "based on a type or sub-type" by "All items" it works sometimes. Sometimes sends
the email, sometimes not. When it sends the email, the rule always is configured as "Apply rule to sub spaces",
if not, does not work. When the rule works, it sends several mails (I think it is because the space template has
several spaces). I try to print the space name on the mail and I get several times the same name space within
the tree of spaces.

Version: Alfresco Lab 3.0
DataBase: MySQL 5.0
O.S: RedHat 5.0

I hope someone can help me.
Thank you