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IMAP - once more

Question asked by zokstuzla on Jan 12, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2010 by oddo

Sorry, but I have to put this post for the second time because I am not sure where to post it, hope this is the right forum.

I wonder is it possible to configure Alfresco IMAP server that it can actually be used on a some larger systems ( couple of thousends of documents )

The problem is that IMAP is working very fine when the repository is empty, but as soon as you put some data in it, it becomes totally unusable. It works very slow, sometimes could not read all the folders at all, moving messages to folders takes forever etc.

Is there any solution for this problem ? Is there a way to force IMAP not to read all the folders ? I tried to create some mount points but without success.

I just could not believe that there is no solution for this, because I could not see the point for putting this very usefull functionallity in Alfresco if it can not be used !

Thank you very much for any ideas and information.

Best Regards,
Zoran Kuret