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Declare a Record

Question asked by ghernando on Jan 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2010 by carlos.miguens
I'm not sure how a record can get declared.
I understand the series > category > folder structure.
I created a new folder under a category of the file plan and added a PDF document to it. 

The new PDF content in Share is prominently marked as 'undeclared'.  I expected to see some sort of 'declare record' option, but I don't.
So I thought I probably need to add all required metadata before it can be declared, so I try, but the Save button is grayed out.
(I see that metadata can be edited/saved for series, categories, and folders, but not for this new PDF content)
I am user admin and have the role of RM Administrator.
That seems a bit odd, but there is probably some other step that I need to do first, but I'm not sure what.