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sites/documents not showing for some sites

Question asked by srtjase on Dec 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by srtjase

On any PC, my alfresco installation seems to be ok. On my iPhone and iPad, however, something is wrong.

On the iPhone:

-1 existing site shows under sites but not under sites on company home
     -on pc i can preview and open docs. On iPhone i can not preview.
     -document icon is blank vs showing the type of document (on pc, doc type is set correctly

-1 newly created site
     -it does show as above
     -documents moved to this site on a pc do not show in site in iPhone

-1 other existing site performs as expected until I try and add or remove documents. Any changes made on the PC are not reflected on the iPhone

On the iPad, the only real difference is that when I try and open one of the files that shows a blank document icon, it opens the document and displays it as an unformatted file (seemingly random text strings, etc)

Again, on the PC it looks and appears to operate normally. The only two issues I am aware of on the server were an issue with a backup/restore where I had to chase down a file/folder permissions issue after the restore and a few timeouts due to the tomcat6 process chewing up 100% of the CPU time.

Maybe something got crushed along the way. Is there a way to rebuild the structure or check for orphaned items?

I've tried creating and deleting new sites and documents, deleting each, etc. I can't seem to change the behavior.

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks!